Listen within yourself, and see in the infinity of Space and Time.

There we hear the singing of the Stars, the voice of
Numbers, the harmony of the spheres.
Every thought of God is a sun and each planet expression of this thought.
Is to know the divine thought, oh souls,
that you descend with difficulty, and climb the
path of the seven planets
and their seven heavens.
What the Stars are doing?
What the numbers are saying?
What are the spheres worth?
Oh souls, lost or saved, they tell,
sing, are worth - your destiny!
Fragment by Hermes Trismegistus

Astrology is one of the first subjects to be studied by the ancients: Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Mayas, nuragic peoples. From the start they had realized that the man is not separate from the Creation, but rather part of it and man lives and changes when Creation breathes and change. Our ancestors, observing the sky, understood that it moves in a precise order and using cycles, which in their view were the supreme symbol of harmony. It was natural to think that the rules of the sky are the rules that most approach the mind of the creator. Watching the night sky is like looking at the thoughts of the Creator, to observe the movements of planets around the earth is like trying to understand the directions of the supreme thought, understand the messages he is sending, predict what plans are putting themselves in place in the future of our planet. Astrology was a real science and art together, as his study was in need of strict scientific parameters, calculations, long and patient observations but also the ability to interpret the language and a strong predisposition to the transcendence of human destiny to a more large and collective vision of the entire universe. As you can hear a tree, a rock, an animal, so we can contact and interview the stars and constellations that we face during a summer night.


The method


It detects the position of the planets at a particular time, date and place useful to the read you have to do, then you comment the symbolic situation of each of the eight planets and two luminaries with the 12 zodiac signs, with the 12 houses, with the four cardinal points of our theme or sky chart (ascending, descending, midheaven, Imum Coeli), withe the position of other planets than the one taken in the analysis. The following are the possible techniques for reading the chart: natal chart (to find out who you are, what your character is like, what are your predispositions, skills, difficulties, challenges), compared natal chart (which indicates the relationship and compatibility between two different people, whether partners or not), the embedded theme (needed to understand the character of a couple as if they were one person), the transit chart (able to tell you what condition you find at the present time, such as your challenges and your most developed skills in this moment, what awaits you in the near future), the solar revolution (it helps predict the future during your year to come). You can also interpret the sky according to some interpretation keys as diverse as those of financial astrology, karmic astrology (able to refer to of your past lives, your goals during this incarnation, and reading the skills you had among various lives), medical astrology and many other, in addition to the infinite number of combinations that can be performed using two or more of these techniques together simultaneously.

The personalized horoscope is therefore the exact photograph of the sky when you were born: the position of the planets and two luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) can give information on the character and personality of the individual and describing the future evolution in a work of awareness about their energies and their best use.

  • GENERAL HOROSCOPE - A full interpretation of the chart: personality traits, needs in the affective sphere, career, talents and potential, health, future trends.
  • ANNUAL FORESEE- The trend for the coming year or next year in all areas of life.
  • SPECIFIC FIELD - A detailed description of the aspects of life that you most care about (love, work, health) with the future projections.
  • COMPATIBILITY HOROSCOPE - Explore the potential of a relationship between 2 people, being it love or business.
  • PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATION - To help children in the choice of future profession or for those looking for work but do not know where to turn.
  • HOROSCOPE FOR CHILDREN - an full interpretation of infantile personality depending on the sign, character traits, the future destiny.
  • KARMIC HOROSCOPE - For those who believe in past lives, it explores the traits that we assume from other lives and the task of the current existence.
  • ELECTIVE HOROSCOPE - To choose the most propitious day for an event that is dear (the day of marriage, a job interview, investment, etc..).

Each horoscope form a single document and the interpretation is individual. The positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and the Ascendant are calculated with the aid of computers. The interpretation is printed in a colored file that will stay with you or can be recorded by voice at request on an mp3 sound file which will be delivered via email.

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Meditazione in barca a Vela
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