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The tours must be booked within 3, 7 or 60 days from the date of departure, depending on the type of route. You can easily customize itineraries and places to visit, travel arrangements and accommodation and meals, chosen by you. Several days tours can also be organized, from two to 12 or more. So it is of course possible that the prices quoted are subject to change based on the period of year, the number of peoples, transportation costs, costs of accommodation and general organization of the routes. Prices are per person per day, regardless of where you want to travel.
Travel:                                            Cost:                        Reservation:
3 hours                                            20 €                                  3 days
1/2 day                                             30 €                                  3 days
1 full day                                         40 €                                  7 days
Egypt                             € 2055 - € 1170                               60 days            dec 28 2013 - jan 4 + extension to jan 9 2014
Cambodia                    to be determined                               60 days             work in progress - 2014
Greece                          to be determined                               60 days             work in progress - 2015 
The nocturnal bivouacs, the Meditation and Qi Gong sessions, the rituals of Full Moon and New Moon, nuragic excursions are held weekly or monthly throughout the summer in places of power in Gallura.
Meditation and Qi Gong is held 2 times a week, without reservation, from 18:30 to 20:00, the place will be decided at the moment in the nearby of Palau, the meeting is outside the office at 18:15.
The nuragic excursions begin at 9:30 am every Sunday and visits will last throughout the day in places to be decided at the moment between the sites of Gallura, and max 60 km away from Palau; lunch is packed and transportation is by your own means. A reservation is required.
Moon Rituals will be held on dates to be decided, depending on when will the celestial phenomena occur. The rate is 2 times a month or so, the meeting is at 21:45 in front of the office, reservation is not necessary.
The night bivouacs are in dates and locations to be decided every time at regular intervals of a month or so. Usually they starts at 18:00 and ends at 13:00 the next day, sleeping is in sleeping bags on the site, outside or in small natural shelters (without use of tents), dinner and packed lunch. Reservations required.
Meditation and Qi Gong                                         € 10
Full Moon Rituals                                                     free
New Moon Rituals                                                   € 10
Nuragic excursions                                                 € 30
Night Bivouac                                                          € 40
Sunset & meditation in sailing boat                     € 60
Out of scheme events that may cover several different topics, or that are offered in collaboration with people outside of our association, or that include topics covered by us only occasionally, for this you should read each time the schedule of the event in question . The only special events that we organize on a regular basis throughout the year are festival of the solstice and equinox.
Equinox Festival                                                     40 € / day
       3/4 days, 21 weeks mar/23
Solstice festival                                                       40 € / day
       3/4 days, June 21

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Pascaredda - il corridoio tombale
Pascaredda - il corridoio tombale
Equinozio d'Autunno 2012
Equinozio d'Autunno 2012
Roberto Giacobbo - Voyager
Roberto Giacobbo - Voyager
Olivastri millenari - Il circondario 2
Olivastri millenari - Il circondario 2
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