Sacred spaces in ancient Egypt

In October 2010, the Association Man Nature Energy was traveling with his associates in Egypt for a tour, discovering, learning and studying the symbolism, the energy and the way of practicing spirituality in the these ancient sites. Though this was for Arianna already the third trip to Egypt and only one of the countless studies that she had already done in his life, this was for her a very special trip. The tour was indeed strongly demanded by the members of our association, which made a direct request to the Egyptologist John Anthony West, who was a year before, at our invitation, in Sardinia to visit the giant's graves and gave us a wonderful conference. John Anthony West, besides being internationally famous for the re-dating of the Sphinx, (that was not built in 2500 BC as previously thought, but instead in 7000 BC and probably is even older), is also an esoteric symbolism expert of the Egyptian culture. Thanks to him it was possible for the association to make a huge jump forward in archaeological knowledge and spiritual awareness, immersed in the mysteries of the desert and of human consciousness.
Egypt is a place that has remained in our heart. Its sacred sites, from temples to the pyramids, still have much to tell. A year later, to give the possibility to those who has not followed us to live a little taste of this experience, we decided to donate to our audience this conference, which will retrace the sacred spaces and vast stone architectures through images and reports of our experiences. The sacred space in ancient Egypt will tell you one by one all the details of the most important temples, to which divinity they were heavily influenced, how rituals took place within them, which astronomical alignments were highlighted, which sacred doctrines were studied, which were his most important teachings.
Here the silent and inert walls will start to animate,
to speak and tell us about life, the symbolism and hidden meanings
of rituals that were held more than 3000 years ago ...

Sky vibrations on Earth

Astrology is a complex discipline, and complete. It describes how the energy qualities of the planets and constellations are impressed with our character, in the events of our lives and even in large-scale events such as those affecting peoples, nations and planetary events. The own archetypes that it uses are typical of this discipline, though they may be compared with several other archetypes, in order to have a comparison between different disciplines and to be able to understand better the situation using both. The astrological discipline already had a quite ancient and well developed technique for medical diagnosis and could also indicate karmic predispositions at birth, weaknesses or critical periods of this or that organ or vital apparatus and advise how to behave to avoid or keep "under surveillance" the problem. In this conference we will come in contact with the planetary archetypes and their symbolic and energetic meaning.

Energy places in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most extraordinary lands of Europe: its granite, once volcanoes and molten rocks, were the first to emerge from the waters of our entire continent. Their crystalline composition, together with the strong and rich volcanic rocks and the presence of other metals such as obsidian and silver, makes this island unique in the world: the geomagnetic field of our planet, which normally is around 30-50 MHz, in Sardinia reaches 80 medium, while finding peaks quantified with even 800 MHz (located Baunei). The ancient nuragics, peoples who inhabited this island in ancient times, were well-knowning these earth energies, but not only this: they were also great users of them. These people were in fact organized into tribes, each led by spiritual leaders of as many as 12 experts in various fields of the sacred sciences. They had planned for their homeland a truly spectacular intervention of sanctifying the entire island by creating a network of connections between the various energy points of the highest energy places. Undisputed leader of this project were nuraghi towers built on these magnetic and telluric points, which were each constructed so as to be able to observe at least another nuraghe in the surrounding, connecting to each other throughout the island. But these were not the only monuments that the extraordinary nuragic peoples had built: a multitude of sacred wells and giants tombs and domus de Janas are present on the island, each with its own special energy. This conference will lead you to discover ancestral secrets that this land still custodies, telling you not only its history but also how these energies can still be used for your benefit.


All earth's peoples have always felt the need to interpret the divine will. Despite the differences of race, place, habitat and climate, all cultures have developed their own characteristic way of talking to God and interpret his wishes. Some people do it with drawings made on playing cards, some others with symbols carved on wood and rock, or again others who observes how the sand flows, who watch the footprints of animals, who listens to birds singing. Others throw coins, shares a cup of tea or coffee, or watch stars and planets. This lecture reviews history, evolution and the different divination techniques from all over the world from ancestral times to present date, in deserts, rice fields, land covered with snow and ice, Mediterranean islands inhabited by priestesses of historic temples. There will be in-depth studies on historical origins, on some symbols and on techniques used for every single oracle, along an excursus of major importance for the consciousness of modern man, who has at last drowned all its feelings in the cybernetic seas, along with its ability to observe nature and understanding its languages.

Evolutive Astrology

Astrology, as a discipline, has its roots in ancient times. Our predecessors had an very different approach and view of reality from today. Their relationship with nature was close and deep. They therefore tended to relate things one to another, uniting, seeking the secret correspondence.
According to the ancients the macrocosm was reflected in the microcosm, the whole was reflected in the part, under the motto "as above, so below."
But why the ancients chose the sky as the reference plane for the heaven? In a world where everything was precarious and unpredictable, where the uncertainty reigned, the sky was proposing instead consistent and reliable phenomena. The sun makes its appearance every day. The moon shows regular phases of each month. Venus is visible with a very precise cycle: it is present for about 263 days, then for 8 is absent, then is again present for other 263 days and absent for 50 with an average total of 584 days.
Was for this reliability that the ancient astronomers-astrologers also sought in the stars possible future events that were so important for people who based their subsistence mainly on agriculture. Based on these forecasts so people could be prepared in advance.
Know the sky was so essential on these days.. It is no coincidence that astronomy is the oldest science. Our predecessors however, in their tendency to correlate, also joined what are inanimated things today with animated world into the sphere of their lives and created a relationship between the sky and all human activities. They so created astrology.
Astrology is therefore a system of symbols. In this system of symbols, which are like a clot of energy, our first principles, our archetypal roots, each category of existence falls below a given influence or domination.
The Zodiac is a circle, along which the celestial bodies moves: the Sun, the Moon (the two luminaries) and then gradually Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Zodiacal space was divided into twelve parts, based on the number of full moons that can be inserted within a year. (The number twelve has finished then, analogously, by taking a deep meaning for which there are 12 disciples, 12 knights of the Round Table, 12 labors of Hercules, 12 axes that needs to be cut in diamonds so that they can have their gloss, and so on).
The 12 signs are not to be confused with the constellations, which are much more numerous, but are not part of the Zodiacal space.
The signs were then associated with the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. 3 signs belong to each element: Fire are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; Earth are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; Air are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; Water are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Each sign has been associated with a celestial body, a polarity (male or female) and a division in cardinal, fixed and mobile was given to them, depending upon the season in the starting mark. The cardinal signs are those that are at the beginning of a season (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The fixed signs are those that are located in the heart of a season (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). The mutable signs are those that are placed in the transition between one season and the other (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).
Each individual carries the entire Zodiac inside himself. Each of us is born under a particular astrological sign because it represents the position of the Sun when he took his first breath. The Sun, as the brightest star in the firmament, as a symbol of life, is surely the heavenly body that most characterizes each individual. Knowing the particulars relating to each sign each one can find a bit of himself. But none of us is a pure sign. Everyone carries in himself, in his individual horoscope, in his native sky, all the Zodiacal space. We have to imagine our personal horoscope as a photograph of the sky taken at birth. On this photograph, in which the individual finds himself at the center of the universe, the positions of all planets will inprint on him. From the different positions of the planets in different zodiacal signs and the precise geometrical relationship existing between them, you can trace the path of the individual and identify the character, but also have clues to its future because, using the words of the German scholar of esoteric psychology Thorwald Dethlefsen, "the man brings his horoscope in each cell so that macrocosm can always be found in every smaller detail, like the plant in the seed." 
Astrology has evolved over time, has changed, has incorporated disciplines such as psychology or new concepts in the field of energy studies. The fact that it actually survived over time, even during the most rigorous scientific and rational periods, shows that it responds more than other disciplines to the questions that man asks himself and can therefore occupy rightly a definite place among the human disciplines aiming to development and growth of man.
Knowing astrology means then penetrate into cosmic laws and get in harmony with them, a journey that is well worth taking.

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