Wellbeing Pack

Un programma individuale che include sedute alla Tomba di Giganti di Li Mizzani o al bosco sacro di San Giorgio, una diagnosi energetica completa sia del vostro corpo fisico ma anche dei vostri corpi sottili e chakra, un lavoro di visualizzazione guidata per sciogliere blocchi emotivi, nodi karmici e distonie energetiche, un'analisi del vostro tema natale, ed una sessione terapeutica o con un massaggio oppure un massaggio sonoro (con le campane tibetane) o cristalloterapia.

Crystal Therapy Sessions

astro cristalli
Laureata in Economia e Commercio con una tesi sui gioielli d'epoca, Maura Rastelli si è diplomata anche in gemmologia. Ha lavorato, poi, per la famosa casa d'aste londinese Sotheby's nel reparto dedicato alla gioielleria. La sua passione per gemme, pietre e preziosi unita ad un interesse crescente nel campo delle energie sottili, l'ha portata a studiare la cristalloterapia, materia in cui si è diplomata.
Durante il mese di Agosto Maura è disponibile per delle sedute di cristalloterapia individuali e meditazioni di guarigione. Per chi fosse interessato è sufficiente contattare l'associazione Uomo Natura Energia.

Guided meditations

For those who want to try to meditate on the first few times, but also for those who need to rebalance their energies, or even for those with curiosity to revive again and find out who was in a past life, this service is open for you. Arianna will follow you in a personal session, leading you into the heart of many different meditation techniques, in order to get the results you want. Personal work, work on some emotional event for you hard to deal with, clean our energy, personal and spiritual awareness are all issues affected by these practices.
Each session is personal and freely customizable. Of course we will agree in advance about what are the goals of therapeutic work that you want to achieve, what issues or problems you'll face and / or which meditation techniques you prefer to use to accomplish the intended purpose, such as how much time and how much sessions you need to take. It's also possible to choose the place of meeting, if in our place, the beach or in natural places of energy of Sardinia in order to enhance the inner works and strengthen the purposes that you have aimed. Once the treatment is completely personalized, Arianna will lead vocally you in a guided meditation, you will only have to let youurself be carried and display yourself mentally the images that Arianna will offer you, to come and achieve the desired purpose.
There are various meditation and visualizing techniques:
  • emotional release - to release angers, fears, resentments, fears and blocks that hinder the free flow of your life. You can resolve fears of exams, resolve tensions with parents or stiffness with a partner, emotional problems that have recurred consistently and persistently in your life.
  • kundalini visualization - to balance the chakras and let the energy flow along your spine.
  • Chakras, aura and organs energetic cleaning - mixed techniques for the overall energy balance of your subtle bodies.
  • regression into past lives - it's a guided journey to discover your past lives. Just for curiosity, or even to resolve karmic issues that block your present life, but that started in past lifes. In fact, reviving the moment when the block was born, in what context and what caused it has a powerful capacity for emotional release, although with less emotional intensity, due to the fact that in the regression you can live the moment as an outside observer, recognizing as yourselves in that life while at the same time being away from it, as no longer involved "directly" in contexts that you are living.
  • astrological meditations - for who knows a minimum of astrology and his birth chart, or for who asked Arianna to read it, you can also choose to work on planetary archetypes that lives in you, in your theme and in your life. You can easily slacken difficult aspects of your theme, or meet in person the governing deities of the planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Venus or Neptune and receive messages or advice directly from them for your life and to develop your ways of seeing the world.

Emotional & spiritual counseling

Il Filo d'Arianna runs a counseling service of emotional and / or spiritual help for those who in his life has come to a crossroads and don't know where to go.

When we are in crisis, it's difficult for us to objectively assess things, and often is even more difficult to understand our feelings and desires. In Arianna you can find someone to rely on, that can help in these situations, listen, respond to your needs and know how to advise in all the different situations of life. With 6 years of experience in counseling as volunteer in Turin you can be sure to be looking at a reliable and well-formed person, but also sensitive and absolutely not aseptic with your feelings. In these 13 years in the Man Nature Energy association, she has continued to pursue this initiative, driven by her true feeling of helping people and assisting those who needed her. Thanks also to her spiritual journey which started as a teenager, she is now also able to bring the classic counseling to a higher level, knowing how to meet your needs even while using larger reading keys than the cold and mechanicistic ones typical of psychoanalytic analisys. So she is actually considering the individual as a soul worthy of love, and aiming to a long path of learning during more than one life long, towards a goal of integration and harmony with the living world around us, rather than towards a goal of mere "functioning properly" of the mind. In that second view an individual would actually appear more like a robot needing to be deprogrammated, rather than a true living and feeling person. The goal of counseling is therefore simply to learn from the experiences of life with a non-judgmental approach, but rather a friendly way, learning how to cope with challenges of life, aiming to overcome the resistances we have that still prevent us from flowing and transforming us in harmony with the galaxies, in slow and constant moving around themselves.

If it would be useful and acceptable to you, during the counseling service you can also ask Arianna to use symbolic techniques of astrology, tarots and dowsing in order to have a more broad-minded response, listening to what these Jungian archetypes have to communicate to you about the situation.
The counseling service can be made or in our office, or by phone or Skype, of course by appointment.

Bach flowers

Flowers of Bach, or flower remedies of Bach, are an alternative treatment based on "flowertherapy", a method created by the British doctor Edward Bach.
Bach argued, in this regard, the need that this form of therapy should be simple and accessible to everyone, as according to him anyone already had the potential and sensitivity needed to perform a self-diagnosis and self-practice. He also revealed that the therapy should be preventive and was completely free of side effects.
At the base of Bach flower therapy is the principle according to which in the care of a person, mainly the prevention and knowledge of psychological disturbances must be taken into account, which would determine the symptomatology. The single flower would treat the psychological disorder that has caused or may cause some physical discomfort.
The "simple" old herbalists of past centuries, based their knowledge on the shape, color and the unique features of each plant in order to understand the range of use. At the time there were no laboratories for the detection of elements and substances present in the plant, then the intuition and the ability to get in touch with the nature of plants allowed them to understand what could be useful. It is not a concept of active ingredients present in flower from a chemical-physical point of view, but rather energetic principles that each plant has. The flowers are collected in a sunny day, put in a spring water and exposed for three or four hours in the sun, or when this is not possible for seasonal reasons, bring water to boiling state. Once the transforming information of the flower moves in the water, than brandy is added (as a preservative) ... and the Flowers of Bach are ready.
The field on which Bach Flowers are most effective is emotions and moods, but certainly, as psychosomatic medicine teaches, mind is not separate from the body, and what is shown on a mental level has a meaning and an influence on the physical plane. Signals that emotions gives are simply earlier to those of the body - the physical symptoms - so observing and knowing the emotional and mental health we can also correct what happens in the physical one. Flower therapy does not cure diseases, but moods and reactions to the events of peoples. Example: How we react to a particular event: with anger, fear, indifference, discouragement, etc.. The answer we give to the event or symptom shows us what flowers will be useful at that time.
On the basis of these principles, 38 distinct basic "behavioral types" have been individuated, which would correspond to 38 flowers. Bach then divided the 38 flowers discovered by him for their healing virtues, seven distinct groups.
  • Flowers for fear
  • Flowers for those who suffer from uncertainties
  • Flowers for insufficient interest in present
  • Flowers for solitude
  • Flowers for ipersensibility to influences and ideas
  • Flowers for discouragement or despair
  • Flowers for excessive concern for other's welfare
We are qualified to perform in our office the tests needed to see which actually is the fundamental emotional distress of a person, in order to advise and guide them in choosing the most adequate remedies between the 38 for you.

Past life regressions

Have we already lived? And we'll come again to live in the future? According to the reincarnation theory it is so, because the soul would periodically appear in a series of successive bodies. This theory is actually the basis of many religions and philosophies: in India from Vedic beliefs, from ancient Egyptians, from the Buddhist view of life and from American Indians also.
Karma is the law of cause and effect which induces the soul to incarnate. According to the concept of karma in this life would be the result of our actions in past lives and this life, with its choices and its facts, would lead to what will be the future life. So each of us would return to live on the material plane until reached the perfection of the soul and can therefore leave the cycle of deaths and rebirths. On this basis the soul, when is going to be embodied, after examining its past lives, would search for a type of existence which fits best as possible to what is yet to be matured and learned.
The various lives are therefore not separated from each other, but are linked by a kind of Ariadne's Thread that unwinds continuously over time and space. This explains certain spontaneous attitudes, that are often innate abilities that were acquired earlier, or the repetition of certain patterns from which it seems impossible to escape because, most likely, they are deeply rooted in a previous life, or friendship and love at first sight between two people who should represent a real recognising themselves from past lives.
The moment a soul enters the material plane through the body the person forgets his past because it would be a too heavy load to carry around and would not allow persons to live the present life at its maximum, but sometimes certain memories may resurface spontaneously to mind, perhaps visiting a certain place or meeting a certain person.
There are also techniques that stimulates these memories of previous lives and that may help solve a deep-rooted phobia, a complex interpersonal relationship, or to understand themselves better. These includes hypnosis or oriental molded meditation techniques that allows to enter a much larger field of consciousness.
Regression into past lives - is a guided journey to discover your past lives. Out of curiosity, or even to resolve karmic issues that block your present life, but which were born in the past. In fact, living again the moment when the block was born, discover in what context and what caused it has a powerful capacity for emotional release, albeit with less emotional intensity in the regression, due to the fact that you can live the moment as an outside observer, recognizing as yourself in that life while being away from it as no longer involved "directly" in contexts that you are watching.

Energetic diagnosis & rebalancing

Using the dowsing technique is possible to know with accuracy the vibrational state of the subtle bodies of the human body, and understand whether or not they are in balance, or even know in advance if you are so unbalanced as to risk compromising the physical body, thus making it necessary an official allopathic medical check-up. You may know exactly the state of your chakras, energetic meridians and the energetic emissions of individual organs, either directly in our studio or at a distance, simply by running tests on a front and rear entire-body photograph of you. It's also possible to act energetically on these imbalances, by performing a "reset", thus rebalancing the entire energy state of the person, always both locally and remotely, with radionic techniques.

Il Filo d'Arianna performs minor holistic and energetic operations of this type, so we can help with simplicity and humility anyone who needs to understand the energetic and psycho-somatic dynamics in place and then try to resolve the emotional issues generating these blocks. Is in fact important in these cases, not merely to ask for external operation like our rebalancing techniques, but instead engage in trying to understanding the emotional dynamics in place, and errors made in interpreting our relationship with peoples, the environment and the universe surrounding us, so finding a new harmony and stability with ourselves and those around us and thus making it unnecessary to constantly require our intervention. In order to permanently break the twisted unbalancing mechanism an active intervention is therefore essential, with a decisive and motivated awareness of the subject in wanting to resolve the issue.
If you need a thorough analysis instead, more concrete, medical and not emotional or interpretive problems, please contact us to obtain a diagnosis and therapeutic energies and/or vibrational frequency treatments.

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